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Two years on and I can’t wait to get back

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60 sekunden trade strategie “SCCE has changed my life, while on exchange I had a huge journey with many ups and downs, but throughout that time it has shaped me for who I am today. I definitely do not have any regrets with being an exchange student. Doing an exchange was by far the best choice I have ever made.

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should an essay title be in quotes I had an amazing host family and did so many memorable activities such as: going swimming the day it snowed, having snow ball fights and going to the kids fair when we were all over age but still got in. I also put my skills to the test by cooking Australian food such as Lamingtons, I just couldn’t seem to keep up as my host father was eating them as fast as I was making them!

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Keflex generic online When I left Australia I didn’t know much French at all, and now I can sit down and have a conversation. By going to France, I had many “interesting” experiences such as eating frogs and snails. It was hard dealing with situations when I knew so little of the language, but after returning home to Australia I am proud of what I achieved. I left home, being a little shy girl who hated leaving Mum and Dad, to now a girl that can’t wait to get on a plane and go back to France.

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options trading platform australia Exchange has changed my life in the aspect of maturity right through to independence. Going on Program sounds great, but when I arrived in France I realised it was all true and I couldn’t turn to Mum and Dad, I had to do everything for myself. It has also built the most amazing relationships for me with people from all around the world, whom I now call family and close friends. One of my friends, who I met in France, has recently come to Australia to experience our lifestyle.

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Most importantly, because of Southern Cross Cultural Exchange I have decided to go to France again to complete a 10 month course, at LE REPERTOIRE DE GASPARD. This will enable me to live the life I so strongly enjoyed, but I also get to have a holiday whilst starting a new career.


Exchange has left me with so many opportunities in my life, expanded my horizons and allowed me to become the strong, confident and mature person I am today.


When I left France, my host family and I were in tears, we have built the most amazing lifelong relationship. It was hard to leave but even today, two and a half years later we Skype, and they are very excited that I will soon see them again, and one day in the future they will come to Australia.”


Written By Esha, SCCE Exchange Student

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