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That Extra Confidence

S.C.C.E. can tailor a group program for the particular interests of your school.

School groups usually request a six-week group program for December/January or a two or three week group during the Easter European Spring. These groups are only viable with a certain number of students.

Components such as host families or school visits, are similar to the longer programs, except all the participants are in one area and there is a Group Leader professionally experienced to work with teenagers and familiar with the host-country culture.

For example, a two-week tour of France visits Provence, Loire Valley, and Paris. Or six weeks in Germany includes school in Berlin, along with local sightseeing. In Italy, sightseeing in Rome, living in northern provinces and attending school.

Let us do the work

S.C.C.E. administers the entire program before, during and after: orientations, host family placements, overseas schools, contact with parents, airlines, visas, overseas organisations, governments, and provides evaluation. S.C.C.E. is constantly available to adapt, monitor, counsel and move quickly in case of emergency. S.C.C.E. accepts legal liability, responsibility for education, behaviour and medical affairs.

We make it our responsibility

S.C.C.E. won’t offer a program unless it is safe and the overseas affiliate organisation is reliable and professionally-run with the purpose of furthering international education and understanding. A network of exchange organisation personnel is available around the world and around the clock. They know how to solve problems in travel, visas, host family incompatibility, health and legalities.

For more information, give us a call us on 1800 500 501 or complete our schools enquiry form and we will contact you about the feasibility and cost.

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