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Many Cultural Opportunities


Undoubtedly a favourite program, producing the most remarkable results – a school year abroad during years 9 – 12 allows Australian students to become fully immersed in the culture of the host country as a family member, a student at the local high school and a member of the community.

Upon completion, each returnee is normally fluent in the host-country language, has gained a global outlook, has new overseas home/family/friends, and is looking to the future with a new perspective. Students choose to begin the year-program according to either the southern hemisphere school year, February-November, or the northern hemisphere school year, September – June.


Enabling students to have a shorter exchange program experience, a 5 month program abroad may be from January through May or from September through January. Language fluency increases and confidence grows as students cope with the demands of a different lifestyle.

 SUMMER PROGRAMS (2, 2.5 or 3 months)

Initiated by S.C.C.E. at the request of Australian schools, with the same components as the longer programs, experiences enhance language learning and offer lessons in different lifestyles.

These programs are very popular in Years 10 and 11:

  • 3 month for Year 10 commences in November
  • 2 month for Year 11 commences in December

Most share northern hemisphere winter scenery, activities and holiday celebrations. Years 9 and 10 students usually depart in early November for 3 months. NSW choosing to take year 10 exams may take the program starting mid-November for 2.5 months. Year 11 students leave in early December for 2 months and Year 12s in early December for 3 months, allowing all to be back for the next year’s school schedule.

Note: All programs include a component of high School attendance. The exception to this rule is the 2 and 3 months Cultural Visitor programs to the U.S.A. Participants on these programs enter the U.S.A on a Visitors Visa, which means you may not be enrolled in a U.S. school. Instead, you will be involved in community activities, career experiences, family activities, sporting events, school social activities, holiday celebrations and daily life.

S.C.C.E. Groups – Italy, France or Germany

School groups usually request a six-week group program for December/January or a two week group during the Easter European Spring. These groups are only viable with a certain number of students.

Components such as host families or school visits, are similar to the longer programs, except all the participants are in one host community and there is a Group Leader professionally experienced to work with teenagers and familiar with the host-country culture.

For example, a two-week tour of France visits Provence, Loire Valley, and Paris. Or six weeks in Germany includes school in Berlin, along with local sightseeing. In Italy, sightseeing in Rome, living in northern provinces and attending school.

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