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Meeting your new host family


Tips for contacting your host family Receiving the news of your new host family is one of the most exciting days of your exchange program. When the long awaited day arrives you will be filled with so much excitement, however, making contact for the first time might feel a little daunting, or at least a

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An open letter to the World


  Written By SCCE Exchange Student, Paulina from Germany.   Today is the saddest day of my whole exchange year, I have to leave to go back “home”. But really I’m not going home, I’m leaving home. Home isn’t just one place anymore and Australia definitely is one of my homes now.     It

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Two years on and I can’t wait to get back


“SCCE has changed my life, while on exchange I had a huge journey with many ups and downs, but throughout that time it has shaped me for who I am today. I definitely do not have any regrets with being an exchange student. Doing an exchange was by far the best choice I have ever

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A winning ticket to Sweden for high school student Ysabel


For Ysabel, a local high school student from W.A., going to live and learn half way across the world on a Student Exchange program was not something that she had ever entertained the thought of. “I had never considered Student Exchange until one day mum said, here’s an opportunity, let’s do it!” says Ysabel.  

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Morag’s ‘once in a lifetime’ Exchange


“The first two days of exchange was probably two of the most emotional days of my life. From leaving my parents in a puddle of tears in Hobart, Tasmania to meeting my fellow exchange student Elisabeth in tears of joy in Guangzhou, China. Then meeting my Chinese host family for the first time and facing the

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