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International Student Profiles

Bring the World to your Home

Host an exchange student, share cultures and friendship!

Why not give us a call and let us help you prepare for a rich and rewarding cultural experience? We would be pleased to help you pre-select an exchange student to live as part of your family.

S.C.C.E is Department of Education-registered and approved for more than three decades and is an established pioneer in the field of international cultural exchange. We have conducted thousands of memorable exchanges for both Australian and international students and have put all the parameters of safety in place for these students and their host families. Not just the exchange student but his or her host family including host-siblings can get to learn more about the world in personable way and build international connections. Enduring friendship bonds are mutually formed often across the next generation.

Please call our National Office on 1800 500 501  or register your Host Family Enquiry online so we could take you through the process of becoming a bona fide volunteer host family. We take care of the exchange student’s school enrolment as well as other arrangements. We also support our volunteer host families 24/7 through a network of caring Local Coordinators based in the community.

If you are an outbound student on your own exchange program, or are going on program or have returned from program, you stand to qualify for our Priority Exchange Rebate. This rebate would be extended to you at the end of the program of the inbound student you host. 


Students Arriving in 2018


Chiara from Italy – Female

Age: 17
Program Duration: 5 months
Activities/Interests:  Travel, Piano, Gymnastics, Surfing

Chiara loves to travel.  She has visited England, Spain, Romania, France and Spain.  She plays the piano and likes sports (artistic gymnastics and surfing).  She enjoyed surfing in the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland and would love the opportunity to surf here in Australia.  Chiara also loves camping on the seaside for holidays and hopes to experience a visit to the sea in Australia.



Sara. N from Finland – Female

Age: 17
Program Duration: 5 months
Activities/Interests: Cooking, Athletics, Gym

Sara is an open-minded and positive girl who makes new friends easily.  She enjoys traveling and has visited many countries with her family.  One of her passions is cooking and she loves cooking for her family.  She enjoys being active and has previously taken part in dancing, gymnastics and figure skating, however now she concentrates on athletics and going to the gym.  She has coached younger kids in athletics for the last 2 years.



Tom from France – Male

Age: 15
Program Duration: 5 months
Activities/Interests:  Sport, Triathlons

Tom is very athletic, with his main passion being triathlons.  He has been competing for 2 years and is looking forward to learning new sports in Australia.



Valerie from Germany – Female

Age: 16
Program Duration: 5 months
Activities/Interests:  Music, Piano, Math, Tennis

Valerie has a good sense of humour and is very helpful and responsible.  Her favourite subjects are music, math and sport.  She has been playing tennis for over 10 years and also plays the piano.  Valerie loves to laugh and is looking forward to spending time with host family in Australia



Adrien from France – Male

Age: 16
Program Duration: 5 months
Activities/Interests:  Sport, Surfing, BMX and Mountain Bike Riding, Dogs

Adrien is athletic with a love for surfing, BMX and Mountain Bike Riding.  He loves dogs, with his family owing two English Bulldogs, and three French Mastiffs.  Adrien is looking forward to sharing his French culture, cooking and history with his Host Family.




To discuss your preferred student profile, arrival schedules and the host family application process contact us on 1800 500 501 or email cheryl.p@scce.com.au

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