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International Student Profiles

Bring the World to your Home

Host an exchange student, share cultures and build lifelong friendships.

Over the years, SCCE has organised thousands of memorable exchanges for Australian and international students.  Both the exchange student and his or her host family, including host-siblings, learn more about the world, build international connections, and create enduring friendships which are often extended for generations.

SCCE works with you to create a relationship that suits your family’s needs.  You choose a hosting duration of 3, 5 or 10 months, and you also work with SCCE to find a student that will compliment your family’s hobbies and interests, and staff are readily available throughout to support you throughout the program.

If opening your doors to a “new family member” is something you’re considering, please give us a call to discuss the world of options you have in front of you.  We will be able to walk you through the program, discuss your family’s hobbies and interests, discover what you would like to get out of the program, and help you pre-select a student.  Visit our Hosting Page if you would like to review our most common questions and answers.

Please scroll down to view our current incoming student profiles and, if you are ready to learn more about your options, call our National Office on 1800 500 501  or register your Host Family Enquiry online so we could take you through the process of becoming a volunteer host family. We take care of the exchange student’s school enrolment as well as other arrangements. We also support our volunteer host families 24/7 through a network of caring Local Coordinators based in the community.

SCCE has been an approved Department of Education-registered entity for decades and is an established pioneer in the field of international cultural exchange.  We have all the parameters of safety in place for these students and their host families.

Please note:  If you are an outbound student on your own exchange program, or are going on program or have returned from program, you stand to qualify for our Priority Exchange Rebate. This rebate would be extended to you at the end of the program of the inbound student you host. 




Aada – Female, 17 yrs

From:  Finland
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Dancing, Baseball, Jogging, Singing, Gym, Water Sports and Lacrosse

Aada loves to dance and describes herself as social and positive, and says her exchange year will be an amazing experience.


Max – Male, 17 yrs

From:  Finland
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Tennis, Mixed martial arts, Gym, Photography and Fashion

Max likes pretty much any sports & mixed martial arts.  He says he is a pretty relaxed, nice and compassionate person.  Max speaks both German and Swedish.


Riina – Female, 17 yrs

From:  Finland
Program Duration:  10 months
Interests/Activities:  Cheerleading, Beach Volleyball and Drawing

Riina loves cheerleading and practices 4-5 times a week.  She says she can’t wait to see what kind of life is on the other side of the world.




Ines – Female, 16 yrs

From:  France
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Triathlons, Skiing, Flute, Dance and Fashion

Ines describes herself as dynamic, passionate, honest and sporty.  She plays the flute and sings a little and loves to run.  In fact, she has been selected for the French Championships!  Ines is allergic to cat hair and speaks German and English.





Cheyenne – Female, 15 yrs

From:  Germany
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Handball, Guitar (electric and acoustic), Soccer, Mountain Biking, Photography and Snowboarding

Cheyenne likes team sports and she also loves playing the guitar.  She describes herself as an uncomplicated and friendly person and she can speak Spanish and French.



Anna – Female, 16 yrs

From:  Germany
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Badminton, Violin, Orchestra, Sailing, Listening to Music, Scuba Diving

Anna likes to play badminton and violin in the orchestra.  She describes herself as cheerful and friendly, and she speaks both French and English.  She also likes sailing.



Leonard – Male, 15 yrs

From:  Germany
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Judo, Table Tennis, Altar Boy, Soccer, Scouts and Playing Drums

Leonard’s hobbies are judo, reading, scouts, being an altar boy and playing the drums.  He speaks Latin, English and German.



Mira – Female, 15 yrs

From:  Germany
Program Duration:  10 months
Activities/Interests:  Handball, Soccer, Playing the Guitar, Volleyball, Climbing, Playing the Piano and Cooking/Baking.

Mira loves sports, especially handball.  She also plays the guitar and piano and is looking forward to teaching her host family all about Germany.



To discuss your preferred student profile, arrival schedules and the host family application process
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