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Host an International Student

Welcome a new family member into your home

Why get involved?

Opening your doors to an international exchange student invites your family into a world of possibilities.  You will experience a new culture, new cuisine, sometimes a new language, all while sharing your own culture and building a very special relationship that often develops into a new family member for life.  You may choose from a variety of individuals arriving from France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Canada or the USA.  YOU choose the duration of their stay in your home (3, 5 or 10 months), and you also choose your preferred gender while SCCE works hard to match you with a student who will compliment your family’s preferred hobbies and interests.

Will you be supported?

Throughout your journey of hosting, SCCE has plenty of staff working continually to assist you through the program.  Our National office is always ready to take your call, and your area will also have a Local Coordinator close by.  You can also request to join our private Host Family Facebook page, where other participants and potential participants ask questions, share their experiences and support one another.

How do I learn more?

You are welcome to call our National Office on 1800 500 501, although in the meantime, reading testimonials and learning from past host families is a great way to get to know the program.

“Growing up my parents hosted 13 students and then I went on exchange 21 years ago and still have friends I made over there. I’ve been back four times and they’ve all come to visit! More recently with SCCE we’ve had 6 students and keep in touch with them all! Both being and hosting exchange students has been a wonderful experience!”

CLICK HERE to read more host family stories.

Can I choose a certain student?

SCCE works hard to ensure your family is matched with a student who shares your interests, which is why we provide International Student Profiles for you to look through.  Alternatively, fill out our Host Family Enquiry to receive comprehensive profiles of preferred students who will blend with your family and interests – athletes, musicians, dancers, artists, or just a ‘big’ brother or sister who will be a part of your family.

How do I get more information?

For more information about voluntary hosting, call our National Office on 1800 500 501 or complete an online Host Family Enquiry and we will be in touch in the very near future.

Hosting discounts – get your 10% Priority Exchange Rebate!

Why not host an international exchange student like yourself who is available for hosting in our next intake?

At SCCE we recognise and support expanding the range and scope of your exchange experience, not just for yourself but also your family.  Whether you’re a returnee from your own SCCE exchange program, are currently on an outbound program, or you are about to go on outbound program yourself, we are inviting you to experience exchanging cultures ‘full circle’.

You can choose the length of hosting duration you and your family would prefer and enjoy a 10% special Priority Rebate* to be taken off your own outbound program fee at the end of the program of the student you host.

Imagine adding to the overseas opportunities you’ve already had, or will soon have, by increasing your foreign language skills, making friends, gaining cultural insights and having a lot of fun. This could be a chance to “give back” the hospitality you’ve received, or simply to add to your own understanding of what it would be like to go on exchange. Imagine, when your own family hosts they could also experience another culture whilst you are away overseas on program!


Call SCCE on 1800 500 501 or email scceaust@scce.com.au and ask for a selection of incoming student profiles. Students come insured with their own pocket money and will be enrolled in a local high school by SCCE.  We offer contact and support 24/7 to students and our volunteer host families through our experienced network of Local Coordinators.


S.C.C.E. recognised for community contribution


Southern Cross Cultural Exchange is pleased to be awarded the prestigious Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Award 2014 for Community Contribution, in recognition of its role in advancing international understanding between Australian communities and the rest of the world. To read a newspaper report in the Mornington News, please click on this link http://issuu.com/morningtonnews/docs/mn_4th_november_2014 and turn to page 11.





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