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Enduring Friendships: When two families become one

SCCE has had plenty of families over the years who have chosen to host an exchange student as well as send their own child on an exchange of their own.

Fiona and Adam sent their daughter Sian to Italy.  Sian’s Italian host family also had a daughter on exchange in Australia named Valentina.  Fiona and Adam ended up becoming Valentina’s volunteer host family.  The resulting relationship between the two families is positively heart-warming and inspirational.

“We loved hosting Valentina, sharing our home and showing her our country”, shared Fiona.  “We loved learning about Italy, especially Naples where Valentina is from.  Even though Valentina has gone home, we still keep in contact and love hearing about what she is doing”.

The photo of Sian and Valentina with the kangaroo is one of Fiona and Adam’s favourites.  “This was the first time Valentina had seen a real kangaroo and she just loved it.  Valentina loved feeding and patting the kangaroo which she could have done all day”.


The group photo was taken at the airport the day of Valentina’s departure, a moment that was sad for everyone, “Valentina had become one of our family and the 5 months she had with us just went so fast”.

“We would highly recommend hosting an exchange student to any family thinking about it.  At the beginning, it can be hard and different, but the experiences you have through your time hosting will change you and your family in ways you can’t even imagine”.

One of the greatest reasons to become a volunteer host family was expressed perfectly by Fiona, “You gain a new family on the other side of the world”.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences Fiona and Adam, and thank you for helping Valentina EXPERIENCE HER WORLD.


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