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Exchange to the USA

The Land of Liberty and Opportunity

Though the 50 states have a geographic size comparable to that of Australia, the population is approximately 16 times greater. Within the vast land that makes up the U.S.A. there is much diversity in its culture.

Often noted as being the world’s pace-setter, Americans are a goal-oriented, ‘can-do’ society that strives to give opportunity to all its citizens to reach their full potential of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’

The U.S.A.’s rich landscapes and riverways have served throughout history as an inspiration for noted writers, poets and film producers.

Americans are hardworking and very open-minded on many things, including their feelings towards the many important issues that face the country. Another side of this openness is their unique brand of hospitality.

Discover our USA Select Programs!

We now offer more choice to students wanting to experience exchange in America by choosing our Classic Exchange or our USA Select Program.  The USA Select program gives students the opportunity to consider a range of school or school districts in a particular region for the length of their exchange.

Students on our USA Select Program enter the country on F-1 visas, meaning they can be eligible to attend school on a full academic program, and potentially receive the appropriate diplomas required to attend University in America.

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See below for our USA Classic Exchange Program





USA Classic Programs

Program Length Application Due Departure Options Cost
Year May 15, Aug 31 August, Jan $10,750
Semester May 15, Aug 31 August, Jan $9,850
3 months Cultural Visitor program Sep 15 Late Oct Contact Us
2 or 3 months Cultural Visitor program Oct 15 Late Nov Contact Us

Hawaii Programs

Program Length Application Due Departure Options Cost
3 months Sep 15 Late Oct Contact us
2 months Oct 15 Late Nov Contact us


Consider requesting Hawaii as an interesting, warm and hospitable alternative to mainland U.S.A. for either November or December programs, these programs are short durations Cultural Visitor Programs.

Short duration cultural visitor programs

Students on November and December programs will enter the U.S.A. as a Cultural Visitor, with a Visitor’s Visa;  you may not be enrolled in a U.S. school.

You will be involved in community activities (pertinent to your intended future career if you wish), also involved in school activities and functions, family activities, sporting events, daily life as well as holiday celebrations.


What are the program fees? View program fees here.

What does the fee include? View policies and procedures here.



For a limited time, you can pay an additional fee and choose some USA Location Guarantees.  You can choose from Metro, State or Regional guarantees, but are subject to availability.

CLICK HERE to download information on this offer.

Offer ends February 15th, 2018

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