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New Brunswick French Program

Experience life in the oldest French Settlement in North America

Due to its close proximity to Europe, New Brunswick was one of the first settlements in North America, with the French settling around the early 1600’s. The French then colonised most of the maritime coastline, including parts of Maine, becoming what was known as Acadia, which was in turn part of New France. Saint John, one of the main cities in New Brunswick, was the first incorporated city in Canada in 1785. Due to the large scale of both French and British immigrants over time, the area has become the only province in Canada that is bilingual.

SCCE offers an opportunity for students to live with a bilingual host family, attend a school that teaches in French, and experience the Canadian lifestyle. New Brunswick is Canada’s only province that has both English and French as its official languages, so you will get an opportunity to learn French in an environment where English is well spoken. This unique program involves:

  • Experiencing an Acadian Culture – the oldest French settlement in North America
  • Living with a bilingual host family – families will speak both French and English
  • Attending school where classes are taught in French
  • Immersing yourself in a friendly maritime community
  • Developing lifelong friendships
  • Improving your French language skills

Click here to view our Canada pricing sheet, where you will find the prices for our New Brunswick French Program.

Download the New Brunswick French Program Brochure here.


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