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Application and selection

Enquire today

If you meet our eligibility criteria  take your first step and submit an enquiry form to become a S.C.C.E. student.  We will then send you a full information pack and application form.  To start the application process, you will simply need to submit your application form via:
Email to scceaust@scce.com.au
Post to Locked Bag 1200, Mt. Eliza, VIC 3930
or Fax to 03 9775 4971

Or you can also choose to apply with our on-line application form.

You may want to discuss with your teachers the country you have chosen, the departure month and program length so your exchange experience may be compatible with your Australian school commitments.

The full Application Kit

After receiving your enquiry and subsequent application form, S.C.C.E. will send you the remainder of the Application Kit, requiring you to provide personal information, photographs, an essay, and reports from your school, doctor and an independent interviewer. These forms determine your selection and introduce you to your future host family.

Note, a ‘C’ grade minimum is mandatory.

Contractual agreements need to be signed by you, your family and S.C.C.E. ensuring all participants have similar goals of sharing, learning and experiencing differences.

You must also attend one of our information sessions, available most months. And for some geographically-remote students, a webinar will be available.

A personal interview

An important part of the application process is the interview, usually conducted by a S.C.C.E staff member. The interview helps S.C.C.E. to assess your level of maturity, adaptability and motivations.

All of these forms help matching you with a family. It is important to be open and honest.

Your $500 deposit

The Application Kit must be accompanied by a deposit of $500, which goes toward the fee payment. This deposit is refundable if the student is not accepted.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants are notified as soon as possible after all the above forms have been received. Your Application Kit is then sent to our affiliate in your chosen country, to assist finding a suitable host family.

The overseas affiliate knows best the potential host families, local support personnel, appropriate schools and regions of their country as well as being familiar with some Australian students. Based on this they will select your host family.

Every student will be prepared for vast differences between different cultures and expect to make many adjustments. S.C.C.E. arranges all flights. Any travel requirements in the host country are made by the affiliate organisation which also keeps you host family informed of your arrival times.

Orientation and preparation

S.C.C.E. insists that students will be adequately prepared to adjust to their new culture, family, school and independence. Attendance at an all-day Departure Orientation is obligatory, with parents joining the last section.

This is why we ask everyone, including parents, to attend an information session and read through our Q&As.

Students receive regular COUNTDOWN newsletters regarding preparation, visa regulations, cultural differences, all travel instructions, and suggestions regarding language training. S.C.C.E. is available to answer all questions.

Before students depart, S.C.C.E. ensures that all students have developed:

  • an understanding to tolerate cultural differences
  • realistic expectations for the exchange experience
  • skills necessary to cope with culture shock
  • the need for correct communication and negotiation


Your new country and the length of your program may require you to obtain a visa. S.C.C.E. provides you with instructions to successfully apply for a visa. Some countries require an interview for all visa applications, requiring travel to the nearest consulate.

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