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Experience matters

Support, guidance, responsibility

Be assured that with the extensive experience and history of S.C.C.E. in placing exchange students abroad, you are in the most experienced hands.

For the student, it may be the first time that you have contemplated such a journey. For S.C.C.E., we organise over 400 such journeys each year to over 16 countries.

S.C.C.E. and its overseas affiliate organisations ensure support and guidance. They have available professional staff with far-reaching experience in the field of intercultural exchange. Staff members in Australia and overseas are experienced in cultural differences, cultural adjustment, experiential education, counselling, travel and administration.

S.C.C.E. contracts with only one affiliate organisation in a country, thereby confirming agreement on all suitable components.

Each affiliate organisation trains Local Coordinators who support and enhance the exchange experience for students and host families. Working together, the staff and Local Coordinators make a 24-hour global network available.

Together, all S.C.C.E. and overseas staff form a 24 hour global emergency and help network, accessible at all times by students, their parents, host families and schools.

Trained and experienced affiliates attempt to match hosts to students. This is an important factor in our success over many years.

Information sessions

If you are considering applying for a student exchange program, you and your parents must attend one of our information sessions. The sessions are designed to give students and parents a realistic overview of the process, the countries, the experience and the benefits of combining learning and friendship through student exchange. Click here for session details.

Departure Orientation

S.C.C.E. insists that students will be adequately prepared to adjust to their new culture, family, school and independence. Attendance at an all-day Departure Orientation is obligatory, with parents joining the last section.

Students receive regular COUNTDOWN newsletters regarding, preparation, visa regulations, cultural differences, all travel instructions, and suggestions regarding language training. S.C.C.E. is available to answer all questions.

Before students depart, S.C.C.E. ensures that all students have developed:

  • an understanding to tolerate cultural differences
  • realistic expectations for the exchange experience
  • skills necessary to cope with culture shock
  • the need for correct communication and negotiation

Orientation to your new home

Each participant is given a copy of the S.C.C.E. handbook “Living Overseas”. The handbook is studied at the all-day orientation program prior to departure and taken overseas for reference while the student is away.

One of the most effective transitions to your new home is by watching, copying and helping around the home. The two cultures come together often with many mistakes and a lot of amusement.

Staff at the overseas organisations and the Local Coordinators are available for support and guidance.

Many S.C.C.E. staff members have been exchange students, so they may offer sound advice based on their own experience and that of the many students they have placed.

All documentation, visa’s, insurance, and passports are issued and secured before travel.

The professionalism and conduct of all overseas affiliates around the world is in line with S.C.C.E’s own high standards of responsibility and behaviour.

Students will be provided with the details of all support resources available to them.

Our affiliates

S.C.C.E. has exclusivity agreements with all its affiliate organisations. The S.C.C.E. international network maintains 24/7 contact as well as a number of contingency plans including unforeseen delays in stopovers or connecting flights.

Each affiliate has an excellent record for providing exchange programs and placing selected students with volunteer host families. S.C.C.E. affiliate organisations are not involved as agents selling host families.

The preferred legal status of affiliate organisations is not-for-profit and all affiliates are known to Australian embassies in the host country.

Your feedback is important to us

We at S.C.C.E. are constantly monitoring and reviewing our policies and procedures and welcome any feedback from students or parents. If you have anything you would like to speak to us about, please email us at scceaust@scce.com.au or call us on 1800 500 501.

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