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Quotes from host families

Quotes from host families

A family who hosted a German boy:

“His school report was outstanding. The school loved Mathis. He was a role model for exchange students. Mathis seized every opportunity given to him and was hungry to experience it all and tell others.”

A family who hosted a French girl:

“We’ve fond memories of her lovely positive attitude, a strong sisterhood with our girls, ad cooking profiteroles.”

“We now have an expanded family overseas. One child has applied for exchange. We have expanding ideas of hospitality and our place in the world.”

A family who hosted a German girl:

“We gained a broadened outlook, and our daughter an insight into other families/culture.”

A family who hosted a German girl:

“The Host Family Handbook was excellent. It was my only source of information. Thank you.”

“We definitely gained understanding and knowledge about a different culture and country. We all tried speaking German. We read about Germany and heard many stories.”

“She participated in all outings, meals, movies, family Easter, Christmas, camping, cooking. I have three other teenagers and she became the fourth.”

“We’ve fond memories of her courageous spirit. She was always trying to involve other people and stay positive.  She was a beautiful artist and dancer, but her personality is really endearing.”

“Anna befriended another exchange student from Norway who was staying in Colac. She came and stayed with us a number of times and this was fantastic because we all would listen and talk and learn!”

A family who hosted an Italian boy:

“We thoroughly enjoyed Tommaso, he was willing to fit in with us and participate as necessary We gained tolerance and learning how to include someone else in the family and our lives. It shows us the shortcomings of our own family life.”

A family who hosted a Finnish girl:

“We gained so much from the experience. Mari was delightful, open, friendly, bright and fun. We learnt about sharing, about cultural differences, about ourselves.”

“Our fond memories – nick names, conversations around the dinner table, walks together, her laughter, her openness and willingness to be part of whatever was happening.”

A family who hosted a Spanish boy:

“Fond memories – watching Pedro yard sheep. He helped out where possible. And the expression on his face when the violin he was using broke.”

A family who hosted a French boy:

“We gained…a true cultural exchange. We fondly remember how well he socialised and befriended his host brother.”

A family who hosted an Italian girl:

“We gained a deeper understanding of daily life in Italy. I enhanced my Italian language skills and appreciate of the difficulties of being in a foreign country for an extended time. We all became less selfish, more generous and more adaptable. Also good to re-connect with teenagers.”

“We formed a very strong bond; we are currently emailing each other. I will spend time with Lisa’s family in Italy… and we expect her and her family to visit us when she completes her schooling.”

“She settled in extremely well. She was never homesick and always willing to experience new cuisine and different ways of doing things.”

“Our fond memories are watching a young, shy girl blossom into a mature and confident young lady in the time she was with us. The improvement in her English led to many deep philosophical discussions.”

“She was always smiling and happy and brought much joy into our lives.”

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